Self-help Books on Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

An End to Panic : Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic Disorder by Elke Zuercher-White

Help! I Think I'm Dying! Panic Attacks & Phobias: A Consumer's Guide by Abbot Lee, MD Granoff

Life With The Panic Monster: A Guide For The Terrified by Evelyn B. Stewart.

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Ph.D. Edmund J. Bourne

Overcoming Panic, Anxiety, & Phobias : New Strategies to Free Yourself from Worry and Fear by Carol Goldman

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Healing Fear : New Approaches to Overcoming Anxiety by Edmund J. Bourne

Don't Panic : Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks by R. Reid, Phd Wilson

Panic Buster, Learn to Conquer Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia by Bonnie Crandall

Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic : A Step-By-Step Program for Regaining Control of Your Life by Reneau Z. Peurifoy

Coping With Anxiety and Panic Attacks (Coping Series) by Jordan Lee, Carolyn Simpson

The Sky Is Falling : Understanding and Coping With Phobias, Panic, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders by Raeann Dumont, Aaron T. Beck

Constructing Panic : The Discourse of Agoraphobia by Lisa Capps, Elinor Ochs

Free From Fear by Barbara Cartland.

Free from Fears : New Help for Anxiety, Panic and Agoraphobia by Ann Seagrave, Faison Covington

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia: Information for Support People, Family and Friends by Kenneth V. Strong

How to Help Your Loved One Recover from Agoraphobia by Karen P. Williams

Fearless Living : Planning Your Recovery from Agoraphobia by Judith L., Ph D. Marquart

The Panic Attack Recovery Book by Shirly Swede, Seymour Sheppard Jaffe, M.D.

Panic Attacks Workbook (Ulysses Press, 2004) David A. Carbonell, Ph.D.